Main Line Commercial Pools, Inc offers an extensive list of products and services to manage your aquatic facility in the most efficient and cost effective manner. This is all done without compromising safety and keeping your budget in mind.

Water Management

MLCP, Inc exclusively offers Water Management Programs (WMP) customized to your aquatic facility's needs and our service team has the knowledge and experience to recommend products and services that ensure your facility is running efficiently.

What's included in a typical Water Management Program?

  • All automated Systems & Controllers
  • All Chemicals and Testing Kits
  • AFO Training
  • Monthly Service Visits & Reports
  • Water Testing & Remote Monitoring Services
  • 100% Warranty on Equipment for term of contract

What are the other benefits of a WMP?

  • No Capital Start-up Costs
  • Guaranteed low operating budget
  • No storing of chemical inventory
  • Limited employee chemical handling
  • Scheduled & Emergency Service Visits
  • New equipment covered under Warranty

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Installation & Repairs

MLCP, Inc offers a wide range of services to maintain and keep your aquatic facility running. Whether it is leak detection or custom filtration systems, MLCP, Inc will meet with you to discuss your specific needs.

What sort of installations and repairs do you handle?

  • Standard or Custom Filtration Systems
  • ADA Compliance Audits
  • Leak Detection and Repair
  • Plaster, Tile and Coping Repair
  • Equipment Installation
  • Plumbing Services
  • Electronic Control Installation and Repair
  • UV System Installation and Repair
  • and much more!

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