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Water Management Services

Main Line Commercial Pools, Inc. exclusively offers Water Management Programs (WMP) for indoor and outdoor “A” market commercial swimming pool facilities. At Main Line Commercial Pools, Inc., we understand that no two pools are the same. Our Water Management Programs are tailored to fit your needs.

What’s included in a Typical Water Management Program?

  • Automated chemical controller
  • Automated chemical system
  • pH feeder
  • Chlorine to operate pool or spa
  • pH balancing chemicals
  • Test kit & reagents
  • AFO training
  • 100% warranty on all installed equipment for term of contract
  • Monthly service visits and reports
  • Biological testing

Additional Water Management Services Available:

  • PPM Controller
  • Additional visits
  • AFO certification
  • Salt system
  • Additional enhancement chemicals
  • Filtration services
  • Controller automation technology
  • Natatorium environmental technology

Why Water Management?

  • NO Capital start-up costs
  • New updated equipment
  • Guaranteed low operating budget
  • No dangerous chemical inventory
  • Limited employee handling of dangerous chemicals
  • 100% Warranty
  • Scheduled service visits
  • Emergency service visits

Additional Benefits of Water Management Programs:

  • Free AFO certification’s for your aquatic facility operators
  • Filtration inspections 
  • Automatic controller remote monitoring services
  • Digital water testing
  • Monthly state water testing
  • Discounted service rates for service not related to sanitation equipment

Who should use Water Management?

  • Understaffed facilities
  • Facilities with old antiquated equipment
  • Facilities with low budget for improvements
  • Risk management sensitive facilities
  • Facilities who want assurance of professional service

Facilities eligible for Water Management Services

  • Indoor & outdoor commercial swimming pools
  • Commercial spas
  • Therapy pools and spas
  • Water Parks
  • Health and fitness clubs

Please call or email us for more information regarding our water management services.