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Commercial Pool Heaters

  • 89% Thermal Efficiency
  • 500,000 - 2,070,000 Btu/Hr
  • Heavy Duty, Gasketless Heat Exchanger
  • Indoor or Outdoor Installation
  • Air-Lock Direct Vent
  • Standard Pumped Bypass
  • Referenced Gas Valves
  • New Operator Interface with Electronic Controls
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  • Dual-row copper finned tube-design.
  • Low profile design, ideal for retrofitting.
  • IAS-certified design.
  • Dual-purpose venting.
  • Weather-proof powder-coated housing.
  • 525,000 – 850,000Btu/Hr

Coates Heaters
The CPH and PHS heaters are designed for medium capacity pools and spas. The CPH heater is available in 24kW and 30kW models, while the PHS is available in 36kW, 45kW, 54kW and 57kW models. Both units feature a built-in flow switch to prevent operation when there is no water flow and allows operation at flow rates between 20GPM and 80GPM.


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