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Test Kits & Reagents

Test Kits & Reagents

Test Kits & Reagents:

K-2005  200 Complete, Alkalinity/Bromine & Chlorine (High Range), DPD/CYA/Hardness/pH

K-2006  200 Complete, Alkalinity/Chlorine (High Range), FAS-DPD/CYA/Hardness/pH

K-1741C  Professional Complete -uses slide comparator

K-2106  2000 Complete, Alkalinity,/Bromine (High Range), FAS-DPD/Hardness/pH 

K-1518  Drop Test, Chlorine/Monopersulfate, FAS-DPD

Main Line has a wide range of test kits and reagents in stock.  Call for details.



Pooltest 25 Professional Plus  The instrument features a complete range of swimming pool water tests, including the more specialized tests such as phosphate and sulphate, as well as the usual free and total chlorine, pH and alkalinity. In total, there are over 25 tests on this instrument.

Pooltest 9 Premier  It is quick and easy to use and is fully integrated with the Palintest tablet test reagents.

Pooltest 6   A 6 parameter instrument which is quick, accurate and reliable.

Pooltest 3  A 3 parameter instrument which is quick, accurate and reliable.

Main Line is a stocking distributor of Palintest products.