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Sphagnum Moss

Sphagnum Moss

PoolNaturally® Plus and SpaNaturally® Plus commercial water treatment systems are the first plant-based, all natural, renewable water treatment products. PoolNaturally® Plus and SpaNaturally® Plus bring the conditoning abilities of sphagnum moss to recreational water facilities. The custom equipment installed in commercial pools and spas is designed to circulate water through the moss, thus clarifying and conditioning the water naturally, resulting in a lessened need for chemicals. PoolNaturally® Plus installs onto existing facility equipment.

Changing your Water for the Better.

The addition of SpaNaturally® Plus or PoolNaturally® Plus to a pool or spa will initially cause changes in the need for biocide and pH adjustment as the product conditions the water and pool surfaces. This process will eventually create a new equilibrium between the water, biocides, chemicals, air, surfaces, and people in the pool or spa ecosystem resulting in less chemical use, less maintenance, easier cleaning of surfaces, better indoor air quality, and better bather and employee experience.

This product is the culmination of over 10 years of laboratory and field testing of the biological, chemical and environmental effects of sphagnum moss on water. The product is currently covered by three U.S. patents, and additional patents are pending.